The Brewery

The first farmhouse brewery in Tuscany using homegrown organic grains

La Stecciaia is the first certified organic farmhouse brewery in Tuscany using its own grains. It was established on the Podere del Pereto di Riva Isabella estate which has been cultivating organic cereals since 1995.

Our choice of identifiable ingredients and limited chain of production and distribution allows us to produce beers with multiple aromas and unique flavours, in a constant search for balance and excellent taste. A distinctive element of our brewery is our care for every single moment of the production process, from the cultivation of precious and ancient varieties of cereals like Senatore Cappelli wheat and emmer wheat to the selection of hops, from the brewing to the maturation in a cold storage cell; all our beers originate from our respect for the raw ingredients we use and our wish to exalt their taste, in a constant search for harmony and balance between the scents and flavours of the various ingredients.

The choice of promoting ancient grains confirms strong bonds with the Crete Senesi territory.

Our brewery is situated in Rapolano Terme, in the inspiring territory of the Crete Senesi, an area well known for its bare landscapes and gentle hills, a prevalently agricultural land where the cultivation of cerals is deeply rooted in the past.

The very lands of our estate once belonged to one of the so called grance of the Santa Maria della Scala of Siena, one of the first historical examples of a shelter and hospital for the pilgrims that travelled along the Via Francigena. The lands that belonged to this structure where divided into vast estates that where called grance, like the one at Serre di Rapolano, which Podere Pereto belonged to. As the name suggests, the most important places in the grance were the granaries, large spaces with bushels, pourers, nets to sift the grains, ropes, casks and crates.