the choice of organic farming

Quality and flavour in harmony with nature


At la stecciaia brewery we don't see the organic certification as our goal, but rather as the natural landing point of our company's philosophy, which is based on quality, great flavour and respect for people's health and the environment.

Most of the raw materials used for producing the beers are grown directly on our agricultural estate; the cereals, which are grown according to the principles of organic farming without using chemical pesticides or fertilizers, maintain their organoleptic properties intact and guarantee multiple benefits: they respect the environment and care for our health.

We farm with total respect for the natural rhythm of the seasons and the rotation of the crops, that's why the raw materials are wholesome, tasty and full of active ingredients.
Our commitment to the environment concerns other aspects of our company too: the roof of the brewery is covered with photovoltaic panels to produce electricity; the waste materials from the brewing process are used for fertilizing the olive trees.

“il processo parte dalla convinzione che l’esperienza maturata nella produzione di varietà pregiate di cereali bio possa aggiungere un valore speciale, dovuto proprio alla freschezza ed integrità delle materie prime”

Isabella Riva, Azienda Agricola Podere del Pereto

“Crediamo prima di tutto che le birre debbano essere buone. La certificazione bio è un valore aggiunto che per noi non è un traguardo, ma una naturale conseguenza della nostra filosofia aziendale”

Claudio D’Agnolo, ideatore e artigiano del progetto