Gentilrossa 75 cl - 33 cl

Gentilrossa 75-33 copia

    Gentilrossa is a high fermentation organic beer that includes soft wheat Gentil Rosso, refermented in the bottle, unpasteurized, unfiltered, inspired by the "Dubbel" style of abbey beers.

    Copper-red in color, this beer’s seductive character stems from a rich malty aroma and hints of ripe fruit.
    In the mouth, it is sweet and round, along a wide gustatory arch that ranges from plums macerated in alcohol, to almonds and bread crusts before offering a subtle final note of liquorice.

    This beer marries best with grilled dishes, desserts (e.g. tiramisu), chocolate, or may simply enhance meditation.

    • Alcohol content 7.2% Vol
    • Serving temperature: 10 ° -12 ° C
    • Bottle size 75 cl and 33 cl bottles