Senatrice  75 cl - 33 cl


    La Senatrice is an organic ale to which the ancient Senatore Cappelli variety of durum wheat is added. The ale undergoes a second fermentation after bottling and is neither pasturized nor filtered. Our recepy was inspired by the Belgian “Saison” style, which was traditionaly produced on local farms.

    It is golden coloured and very frothy.

    It has a scent of cloves with notes of citrus and pepper.

    The flavour has spicy notes and citrus notes owing to the wheat, followed by the herbal taste of hops.
    Bright and sparkling, with a dry, refreshing result.

    Recommended for fish starters (shellfish and crostaceans), vegetables, mature or very mature cheeses (for example pecorino).

    • Alcohol content 6.8 Vol
    • Serving temperature 8 -10 °C
    • Bottle size 75 cl and 33 cl